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So, I was using Windows, and Chimer played HLLL at 9:00. Turns out I was misreading the hour when the clock check lands exactly on 999ms. 1.1 should fix it. The Linux version is still at 1.0, cause it didn't have the bug.

I just made a Linux Programs page. Shortly thereafter, I put Chimer on it. Every hour, it chimes the time in binary. There's a Windows version in there too. beep beep beep beep.

ExTemp stopped working because AccuWeather changed their page layout. The new v1.05 should fix it.

I noticed a slight memory leak in ExTemp, so I fixed it, and relased version 1.04. It turns out that the old systray icons were all being kept in ram, which should have added up to about 2MB of wasted memory after running for a month. Anyway, it's fixed now.

I released ExTemp 1.03 today. There are some modifications to the icon's tooltip, and it now pulls data from because the other server was acting up.

Oops, I just realized that ever since I moved my site to Purdue, the comments page hasn't been working. It turns out the script wasn't accepting data sent through a post operation. Sorry if anyone's tried to post anything recently... I think it's fixed now.

I just got access to my webspace at Purdue today, and they seem to support PHP, and they're much faster than my old host, so I moved the site over there.

I fixed a bug in FixDC that was causing problems if you killed your internet connection while being connected to AIM. It's fixed in version 1.3

Ok, AIM FixDC v1.1 is out now. It now has a cleaner interface, and it's possible to DC on more than one computer per LAN (but you have to do some router tweaking to get that working.)

I just finished a program called AIM FixDC. It sits between AOL Instant Messenger and the server, and allows people behind routers to direct connect by replacing the local IP with an external IP as the direct connect request is being sent. Check it out in the Windows Programs section.

I removed the color dot trail from the mouse pointer today. It was pretty pointless, and it doesn't even work in my browser anyway. Also, last week I set the PeSHyTalk download so that it's no longer an .exxe file, because it was getting converted into ASCII mode somewhere.

I moved the PeSHytalk server because Prohosting wanted to start charging for its free service. Not sure if anyone still uses that program, but the new version with the new server is up.

I just uploaded BinaryClock today. It's a screen saver that displays the current time in binary. Check it out in the programs section.

I noticed today that the hit counter had been reset to zero yet again, so I rallied up some friends to investigate the problem. After a few minutes and hundreds of sequential page refreshes, I determined that when one person is updating the hits file and someone else loads the page, then the file will clear itself and the reset the counter. I fixed this problem by writing the new hit data to a temp file, then using copy() to copy the temp file on top of the original file. After a few more minutes of repeated page refreshes, I determined that the problem was solved. I also applied the same fix to the comments page. If you have a PHP site that uses a similar method for data access, then I suggest you fix it.

Happy new year! I put a Links section on the site today, and uploaded the source code to all my VB programs. I also moved the downloads from Angelfire over to this host.

I made a few changes to the site. First of all, the comments disappeared for some reason, so I put them back on. snuck some advertisements into their redirect service, so I moved the site to ( is still valid, but you'll get a popup if you use it.)

I got a new screen name for AIM today. It changed from Paul26400 to SparkMaul (an anagram of Paul Marks). Please update your buddy list.

I moved the site to another server (again) today. I think it seems a bit faster than the old one.

I just uploaded a program that I wrote a while ago called AutoBG. It automatically downloads the daily cartoon strip from and sets it to your desktop wallpaper. I've been running this thing since I wrote it (last November), and my wallpaper has never gotten boring since.

I noticed that I haven't posted any news here in a couple months... well, this is just a friendly reminder that I still exist.

I created a new server for PeSHyTalk and uploaded a new version, so it should work again now. Also, i removed cgiChat, because I can't seem to find the server script for it.

I changed stuff on the contact page to help prevent a spambot from picking out my e-mail address. It's stored with very basic encryption, and displayed with a little JavaScript program. If you don't use JavaScript, then it will display my address as "paul248 [at] myrealbox [dot] com". If you like this pseudo-encryption technique, then feel free to use it on your own site.

I fixed a bug in MegaCar that was causing high scores to not be saved in a certain situation. Version 1.1 is out now.

MegaCar v1.0 is now available! Thanks to Jonah Cohen for making such a fun game for me to port.

I just moved the site to I couldn't read a word on their page cause it's all in Slovakian or something, but I still managed to sign up for an account, and it seems pretty good.

Megacar Test 3 is here. You can now have multiple levels, in ram or flash.

I uploaded a second test version of megacar, which adds time and lap counting. It still only works with one level, which must be in ram (though you can sometimes make it work without a level, and drive around the calculator's random memory). It's here.

I'm currently working on porting Megacar for the TI-86 to the 83 Plus. It will be a flash application due to memory restrictions. You can download a test/preview/alpha/whatever version here. I'd recommend that you only download this if you know what you're doing and are eager to test new stuff.

I had to move this site to a new server because F2S's free service went under. The new server is slower, but it seems to work okay.

I just finished MoSoko v1.0 for MirageOS

Sn00d v1.3 is out. I found yet another high score bug. If you exit the game using [Clear], then the new high scores were not being saved.

As promised, Sn00d v1.2 is out. I fixed a couple bugs.

I just found a major bug in Sn00d v1.1 ... the high scores are now completely messed up. Expect 1.2 very soon.

Sn00d v1.1 is out, with a few bug fixes. Hopefully without any new bugs...

After months of development, Sn00d v1.0 is finally out! Check it out in the TI calc programs section.

I added a Comments page to the site. Go there and post a comment.

RIGView 2.3 is out. Grab it from Programs/Ti Calculator

Check out SpriteMaster in the Windows Programs section. I just added it today.

I uploaded RIGView 2.2 today. Previous versions apparently didn't work correctly in windows 95.

Today at exactly 5:11 PM EST, nothing significant happened.

RIGView v2.1 was just released. Go get it.

This news page somehow got deleted. Go figure. As you can see, I put it back.

I just released Text Encrypter today. It's in the windows programs section.

RIGView v1.1, my grayscale image viewer, was released a few days ago. It also includes a VB program that converts image files into calculator format.

Yahtzee v1.3 released. It includes several internal and visual enhancements.

Video Poker v1.1 released. It contains a bugfix.

Video Poker for MirageOS released! get it from the My Programs -> TI Calculator page, or from

I just made some changes to the tables to make the site a little more netscape friendly. It still looks strange on some pages, but at least it's functional.

Ok, I finshed creating the new site. I might add more content to it in a while.

Well i suppose the biggest news item of the day would have to be the new site design. I dumped the frames and excessive JavaScript and replaced it with server-side PHP scripts. As of this posting, the only page i have completed is the TI Calculator one.

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