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 TI Calculator Programs
Click Here To Download MegaCar v1.1

A fast-paced birds-eye-view racing game. Features fast scrolling, high scores with initials, eight external levels, an external Windows level editor, and a track converter which lets you use tracks from the TI-86 version.

Click Here To Download Tron v1.2

A simple single-calc, two-player game where you maneuver two lines around the screen, trying to make your opponent crash before you do.

Click Here To Download MoSoko v1.0

A complete re-code of the TI-86 version of Sokoban for MirageOS

Click Here To Download Sn00d v1.3

Yep, it's Sn00d for MirageOS! This is based off of Snood for the PC, which is similar to Bust a Move. This has the best graphics of any calc game I've made so far, so get it now!

Click Here To Download RIGView v2.41

This program allows you to take images from a computer, convert them into a compressed calculator format, and view them in four-level grayscale on a TI-83 Plus.

Click Here To Download Video Poker v1.1

Video Poker for MirageOS. The new version fixes a bug that caused an overflow error on startup.

Click Here To Download Yahtzee v1.3

Yahtzee for MirageOS! Click the image to download it.

Click Here To Download Rush Hour v1.0

A game for MirageOS where you move cars around a 6x6 grid, trying to get the black car out through the opening in the side.

Click Here To Download zChat v1.2

This was my first attempt at writing an ASM program. It lets you chat in realtime between two TI-83+'s using the link cable. Not very practical, but it was fun to write...

Created By Paul Marks